Are you planning to use plasterboard in a construction or renovation project?

Do you wish to add more rooms, or one or more ceilings? Then plasterboard is the ideal solution.

Plasterboard is and always will be a simple yet versatile and flexible solution for finishing any room or space, quickly and perfectly. This can be the renovation of an existing residence, a new build or a revised office layout. We can help you install your optimal solution.

An additional bedroom? Converting an attic into a proper living space? The creation of separate workspaces? Plasterboard partitions allow you to divide up the available space optimally, creatively and in accordance with your needs and wishes, without major renovation works. We will complete all surfaces to your desired finishing level (F1 – F3), but they will always be ready for painting.

Thanks to plasterboard’s versatility, we can provide perfectly-finished partition walls, wall panels and ceilings. As experts with many years of experience, we always take care to properly integrate any piping or ductwork in your walls. We have a long list of completed projects and satisfied customers, both residential and commercial, to back this up.

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Plasterboard offers numerous benefits.

Fast and affordable

Plasterboard is a dry finishing method that causes very little inconvenience, is quick to install and ready to use almost instantly. Moreover, with the right materials and skilled installation, plasterboard can provide an extremely economical finish.


Almost anything is possible to help you achieve your requirements as regards renovation and space optimisation, or dividing up office or living areas. Moreover, the installation and, if necessary, removal of the plasterboard can be accomplished without major works. Recessed lighting and other fittings are also easily incorporated.


Plasterboard panels provide good acoustic insulation and lend themselves well to the thermal insulation (whether initial or secondary) of floors and walls.


Plasterboard is an ideal material for renovations, providing smooth coverage and insulation of old and unsightly walls or ceilings.


Thanks to the vast array of specialised materials and techniques, almost any design is possible, from a sleek, seamless look to arches or perforated ceilings. You want to achieve the right look and feel, expressing your personality, a specific style or corporate branding? Well, it’s possible with plasterboard.


Due to its composition and properties, plasterboard is fire-retardant (to various levels) and non-combustible.

Environmentally friendly

Both the production process and the materials themselves meet the most stringent environmental requirements. Plasterboard is not harmful to humans or the environment, and is fully recyclable.