Do you wish to renovate or redecorate?

We have been steadily building up our expertise in renovation since 1998. As a result of our reliability as a partner in optimising residential, commercial and industrial spaces, we were soon asked to carry out full renovations as well. With two decades of experience, KAMAI is the perfect partner for your professional interior renovations, whether at home or at work. We can handle both very specific adaptations and complete renovations, from A to Z.

We will work with you to find the most optimal solutions for your renovation. We will be happy to listen to your plans and dreams for your home or business, free of any obligation. Putting your story into practice is our goal. We consider the provision of free advice on the practical details and technical feasibility of your project a given. Our expertise and skilled craftspeople guarantee quality results. We want you to enjoy the benefits of our knowledge and experience, and also of our passion for our work, so that we can take away your worries
New construction is often the first choice, and a good one, but there can be many reasons to consider renovation:

  • Your property’s technical shortcomings: a lack of proper insulation, for instance.
  • Your property’s visual appeal: perhaps it is still functionally and technically fine, but lacks the look and feel to fit your personality or corporate image.
  • Your property’s functional requirements: your existing home or building no longer suffices due to a new member of the family, new hobby, additional employees or some other reason.
  • Planning restrictions: you cannot change some element of your property due to spatial planning. You are “only” permitted to renovate, but are looking for an efficient solution, as you are comfortable where you are and do not wish to move.
  • Your property value: you do not wish to lose the return on your investment. A renovation can upgrade your property significantly.

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