Modular walls and glass partitions

Can a given space or work area be easily adapted to your changing needs? With consideration for aesthetics, acoustics and functionality? Absolutely! Space is a precious commodity. It requires continual optimisation and must be capable of adapting flexibly to your needs. Modular and movable partition walls, either solid or glazed, offer an ideal solution.

These partition walls are designed in accordance with the latest standards as to fire protection, acoustics, insulation and stability, and above all, allow for an attractive, flexible division of your space. An office environment can be designed as an open workspace, whether or not including acoustic elements, while still requiring a higher level of discretion and privacy for certain tasks or departments.

A new layout or update of your office space can sometimes be achieved through the creative installation of modular solid or glass partition walls, often in combination with modular ceiling and floor systems. This avoids labour-intensive, expensive and inflexible construction and leaves greater scope for future developments. There are various options available for modular partition walls to fit all circumstances and budgets, from affordable sandwich panels for your office to state-of-the-art glass walls of the latest design. Moreover, these wall systems are modular and can be moved with little effort or inconvenience. Don’t hesitate to request a consultation and allow our many positive references and achievements to convince you. Our expertise is at your service!

Modular walls and glass partition walls aren’t just suitable for office environments. In homes or professional practices, for example, plasterboard is often combined with glass for a clean, airy look.

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