Plasterboard ceilings

A ceiling in plasterboard or gypsum is often, and rightly so, the first choice for renovations and new builds thanks to the clean aesthetic, insulating properties and relatively affordable cost. Plasterboard ceilings are of proven durability and provide your interior with a high-quality finish! Also, consider the opportunities for fire resistance (RF or pink plasterboard), noise reduction (soundblock or purple plasterboard) and suitability for use in humid environments (SA or green plasterboard). And if curved ceilings are your interior dream come true, go right ahead! Plasterboard ceilings can be constructed according to various methods, depending on the intended application and site requirements. For example, suspended ceilings, either mounted directly or using PlaGyp framing, are often employed for larger spans or for the attractive finishing and insulation of attic spaces and sloped roofs, for example. In other applications, such as traditional lowered ceilings, a quick-to-install self-supporting plasterboard ceiling, often with metal studs, is a common choice. We will use our expertise to advise you on the most appropriate solution. Additionally, you can rely on us to provide you with a perfectly installed and finished plasterboard ceiling!

Modular ceiling systems

In offices, schools, utility spaces and more industrial environments, modular ceilings can be a very attractive alternative to plasterboard. In addition to a generally significantly lower cost due to, among other things, very quick installation, modular ceilings also offer the advantages of flexibility, modularity and interchangeability. Any hidden systems (electricity, HVAC, plumbing) remain easily accessible for maintenance, and later additions of insulation (or acoustic dams) or creative and flexible lighting are no problem. Easy maintenance is another benefit. Modular ceiling systems consist of adjustable hangers, ceiling and edge profiles and ceiling panels or tiles, and are suitable for almost all materials. Your options for finishing are just about limitless thanks to the wide range of available ceiling tiles and profiles of many different types and colours; from purely functional to a sleek, contemporary design. A modular ceiling also allows for hidden or invisible mounting.

Other specific benefits include a natural fire-resistance and extensive opportunities to optimise acoustic comfort through the use of both acoustic absorption (correction) and noise insulation.

We plan all our modular ceiling installations using laser technology, just as we do for our plasterboard ceilings.

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Advantages of plasterboard ceilings

Advantages of modular ceilings